August Schwer

August Schwer Black Forest Clock Factory is a family owned business, founded in 1885 and located in Schönwald in the heart of the Black Forest.

The world’s first cuckoo clock was built by Franz Ketterer here in Schönwald, a beautiful village on the ridges of the Black Forest, in 1737. Thus he invented one of the most famous German traditional products, world-famous to this day. Hardly any other piece of craftsmanship has remained true to its original design to such an extent over the centuries, with continuing worldwide popularity.

The August Schwer Black Forest Clock Factory: clock production takes place in the rear part of the building, a carpentry workshop is located in the basement of the building. Towards the front, there is a showroom and a factory outlet.

The August Schwer Black Forest Clock Factory is known for its reputation as a fine manufacturer of high quality and very detailed cuckoo clocks. Several award-winning watches substantiate this claim. With 5 official awards from the VdS (Verein die Schwarzwalduhr) for clock of the year 2004, 2007, 2008, 2009 and 2010, as well as several silver medals in this category, the company August Schwer is one of the most popular cuckoo clock manufacturers in the Black Forest.

The clock production

Here are some examples of clock production at August Schwer

Decoration of the clocks
Installation of the movement and testing of the technical function
Assembly of carved clock
The carpentry

The Cuckoo-Clocks


August Schwer e.K.

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