Hönes Uhren GmbH, based in Titisee-Neustadt, designs and produces original Black Forest cuckoo clocks. Located in a region world-renowned for watchmaking, Hönes, as a world leader, places special emphasis on craftsmanship and high-quality finish of its watches. Precise mechanical movements are used and all wood carvings and clock cases are made by hand.

Hönes was awarded in 2010 and 2015 in the encyclopedia of German world market leaders in the field of cuckoo clocks.

the long tradition of clock production in Neustadt alive. HÖNES cuckoo clocks are due to the particularly high-quality equipment as well as the attention to detail even today no mass production, but special pieces of jewelry for the highest quality standards!
New technologies such as solar cells as well as a mill wheel driven by real water show the speciality of Hönes. The use of the best materials, especially the mechanical movements from the Black Forest and the mechanical musical movements from Switzerland make Hönes watches reliable timepieces.

HÖNES cuckoo clocks from the Black Forest are highly valued and sought after worldwide.

History of Hönes cuckoo clocks

The company was founded by master watchmaker Daniel Hönes in 1950. In 1970, the company moved from the parent company to the current branch office, where capacity was further expanded in 2013 through remodeling and expansion measures.

In 1984 Wolfgang Trenkle took over the company. Since this time, the previous pure focus on the domestic market has been abandoned and the Hönes company has also been positioned worldwide, including participation in international trade fairs, e.g. in Switzerland, Austria, Great Britain and the USA. Wolfgang Trenkle dared to take the step into the wide world because he knew that “Quality Made In Germany” is in demand everywhere. Wolfgang Trenkle himself has experienced how this quality is achieved since his earliest childhood days. Clock manufacturing also rooted in his family, and so he built his first Black Forest clock as a boy. For his company, he has developed all clock models himself for almost 40 years and has received numerous utility models and trademark registrations. Thus the Hönes Company became a world leader.

The portfolio now includes almost 450 different models, from the traditional cuckoo clock to the cuckoo grandfather clock, from 20 to 215 cm high and in all price ranges. In addition to the cuckoo call, which is still produced mechanically by two small bellows, many models also feature mechanical musical movements as well as moving motifs and dancing figures. Woodchoppers, beer drinkers, kissing lovers or Black Forest girls move every hour to the call of the cuckoo or music. Thus Hönes has one of the most extensive programs of traditional and modern cuckoo clocks, a large part of which is exported. In addition to the countries of the EU, customers for cuckoo clocks include mainly the USA, China, Australia, Brazil and Japan. The HÖNES catalog is therefore designed in eight languages to meet the increasing demand worldwide.

„Made in Germany
is a claim for us
and obligation at the same time!”

The clock production

Here are some examples of clock production at Hönes Uhren GmbH

The Cuckoo-Clocks


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