The “Black Forest Clock Association “VdS” organized the annual election of the ” Cuckoo Clock of the Year” at the car and clock museum in Schramberg. 3,500 visitors of the museum participated in this election. The winners of this competition were now announced at the final event on 20/01/2017 in Schramberg:

  1. The prize and consequently the title of “Cuckoo Clock of the Year 2016” was won by the Schönwald-based company August Schwer.
  2. Prize was awarded to the company Hubert Herr from Triberg
  3. Prize went to the company Hönes from Titisee-Neustadt
  4. Prize went to the company Rombach and Haas from Schonach

The manufacturers of the cuckoo clocks are confident that the cuckoo clocks will continue to enjoy an ever-increasing worldwide demand, especially since they have managed the image change from kitsch to a cult.