There are a total of 14 cuckoo clocks hanging on the exhibition wall in the Zäpfle Bar near Rothaus.

Here, in the Zäpfle Bar, begin and end all the tours that the Rothaus company offers to its visitors from all over the world.

This means that all visitors to the Rothaus Brewery can look at these original Black Forest cuckoo clocks, choose their personal favorite and cast their vote for the clock they think is the most beautiful using a ballot paper.

All participants in this election have the chance to win a valuable cuckoo clock and other prizes.

How could it be otherwise at Rothaus, a beer barrel serves as the ballot box. This is made possible by the VdS. (Association of the Black Forest Clock e.V.) This association organizes annually, at changing exhibition venues, the election and awarding of the
“Cuckoo Clock of the Year”

At this event, Black Forest cuckoo clock manufacturers will present their versatile and imaginative original Black Forest cuckoo clocks.

It is estimated that more than 100,000 guests per year visit the Rothaus State Brewery and take part in the plant tours.
The exhibition at Rothaus lasts now until January 16, 2015

Text – Dietmar Ketterer
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