In the Hiking Information Center in Baiersbronn, the finissage and thus the awarding of the “Clock of the Year 2015” took place on 13/01/2016.
This election of a “Clock of the Year”, which has now been held for the 14th time in a row and which is carried out annually at different locations by the Black Forest Clock Association (VdS) with its headquarters in Schonach, was also actively attended here in Baiersbronn.

Tourism Director Patrick Schreib opened this event with a brief review of the time when the Black Forest clocks on display enriched the Hiking Information Center with their highly visible presence.
From the guests’ side there was always a lively interest in these original and original timepieces.
The possibility to choose the “Cuckoo Clock of the Year 2015” from these clocks was then often used.

Ingolf Haas, the first board of the VdS (Association of the cuckoo clock), then welcomed the guests in attendance.
He emphasized that the genuine Black Forest cuckoo clock has become increasingly popular worldwide in recent years and is certain that this boom will continue for the foreseeable future.
Of the 13 different cuckoo clocks, from modern to classic traditional, which were produced by the clock factories Helmut Kammerer, Rombach & Haas, Anton Schneider, all with headquarters in Schonach, the company Hönes from Titisee-Neustadt, August Schwer from Schönwald, Hubert Herr from Triberg and Engstler from VS-Villingen, the following clocks were selected by the guests by ballot as prize winners:

  1. The first prize was won by the company August Schwer from Schönwald.
  2. The second prize went to the Hönes company from Titisee-Neustadt.
  3. The third prize was won by the Engstler company from VS-Villingen.

The visitors of the clock exhibition, who had participated in the voting by ballot, had the chance to win some nice material prizes and as the main prize a Black Forest cuckoo clock.
The drawing of the winners was made by the tourism director Patrick Schreib together with a lucky fairy. The winners will receive their prizes in the next few days.